Yoga :: Yodelling healthier than Yoga

Now Yodelling courses are being offered online after scientists claimed it was healthier than yoga or jogging.

The study, carried out by scientists at Graz University, found that yodelling eased tension and stress by releasing endorphins, as well as giving lungs a healthy workout.

Austrian tourism officials started offering yodelling courses and were astounded by the massive demand with places booked up weeks in advance.

Hermann Haertel, a professional yodeller who runs a course in Graz, believes that the time is long overdue for a revival.

“Yodelling is alive again in the Alps – it is the music of the mountains. To yodel one needs to use all one’s energy,” he was quoted by Ananova, as saying.

“It is a powerful cry that comes from the soul, and once you start it becomes addictive,” he added.

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