Weight Loss :: Weight loss difficult with poor digestion

Improper digestion is usually the cause of most weight problems. Poor digestion leads to the build up of toxins, which in turn causes low energy levels, lethargy etc. People with poor digestion usually suffer from gas, foul breath, body odour, white coating on the tongue etc.

It is difficult to lose weight if you have poor digestion. Further even if you are eating sensibly but eating more salty, sour or sweet tasting foods, you will gain weight. You need to correct your digestion and go for a detox program.

For a start you can follow a juice diet for two days in a week. You could drink the juice of fruits like oranges, sweet lime, apple or vegetables juices like tomatoes, carrot or cucumber.

We simply need most antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to counter the deficiencies caused by our modern lifestyle. Food alone cannot satisfy your nutritional needs. Therefore you need to supplement your diet.

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