Weight Loss :: Now, a one-hour fat-busting deal during lunch time

Women who are worried about the extra fat on their figure but are too busy to exercise, are now being offered an easy way out when it comes to losing weight by clinics in the UK who are offering them a one hour ?walk in, walk out? liposuction treatment during their lunch break.

The hour-long operation, that costs between 800 pounds to 2,500 pounds, uses a laser beams to melt away unsightly pockets of fat on the hips, thighs and bottoms.

The procedure called SmartLipo, which takes place under local anesthetic, also claims to be able to smooth away double chins, love handles and flabby upper arms or ‘batwings’.

It is being marketed in the UK by Wigmore Medical, which claims that being used around the world shows that the technique is safe.

Cosmetic surgeon Aamer Khan, who plans to offer the technique in his Harley Street clinic, said that the procedure was ideal for people on the lookout for a quicker option than traditional liposuction, which can involve a general anesthetic and an overnight stay in the hospital.

“SmartLipo will appeal to most people who would like to remove fat but do not necessarily want to go into hospital,” Daily Mail quoted him, as saying.

However, experts warn against the safety of such devices after a similar one was banned by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, in 2005.

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