Weight loss :: Dieting & being slim

Being slim might earn you a million bucks on screen, but dieting to be thin could lead to various health problems in the long run – nutritionist Juliette Kellow.

The study has named Osteoporosis, infertility, loss of looks and lack of energy, as some of the ne g ative impacts of dieting.

According to the study, while trying to look more appealing by losing weight, women often end up looking worse, because if the body does not get enough nutrients like vitamins and proteins, your hair and skin quality suffer.

Dieting also leads to Osteoporosis later in life as the calcium levels in the body becomes less. Periods and ovulation may also stop in a woman not taking in enough calories. Effectively, the body goes into “survival” rather than “reproduction” mode.

Lack of calories can also mean lack of energy. The body converts calorie into energy and without them simply does not have enough fuel to run on, says the study.

Anemia is another common problem amongst dieters as low levels of iron mean you’re not making enough haemoglobin, which is responsible for red blood cells and transporting oxygen round the body.

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