Walking :: Heart Association Urges Americans to Start! Walking

Start! is an American Heart Association movement calling on all Americans and their employers to live longer, more heart-healthy lives through walking and other healthy habits.

Why walking? Because we know that walking is the easiest, most convenient form of activity ? and it?s free. You don?t need special skills, the training of a marathon runner, or a membership at an expensive gym to benefit from walking.

Each year, Americans suffer 1.2 million heart attacks, and cardiovascular disease and stroke are the nation’s number one and number three killers, respectively, claiming 870,000 lives annually.

Most people spend a good deal of time at work, and if the work environment is user-friendly, with food choices and structured exercise, there are many benefits: Employees will be more fit, productivity will improve, and absenteeism will decrease. And studies have shown that healthy work policies can reduce health care costs for companies by six to 12 percent.

There are 2 programs.

1. Start! for individuals – By participating in Start! you are taking the first step toward a healthier lifestyle, in and out of the workplace.

2. Start! for employers – By participating in Start! you are setting an example for your employees. If leaders show that they have made health a priority, employees will do the same, resulting in an increase in productivity and a decline in healthcare costs.


Walking :: Heart Association Urges Americans to Start! Walking
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