Vomiting :: A case of vomiting – Ipecac

Sometime back my daughter started vomiting. My wife told that she has taken various thing including 3 bananas. I considered it to be a case of food poisoning and gave Ars Alb. But there was no relief. After vomiting she, used to go to sleep to get up again to vomit followed by sleepiness. I am sorry I did not take not of this symptom. My wife was very anxious and asked me what I have given. She asked me why have I not given Ipecac ?

I thought for a while and as there was no thirst I decided to give Ipecac. After the 1st dose the vomiting stopped and next morning she was hale and hearty. I was very much impressed by the performance of Ipecac and I opened Allen’s Keynotes to find that it has vomiting of glairy mucous in large quantities without relief and also has the symptom ‘sleepy afterwards.’

This last symptom I did not know. Had I known this I would have prescribed Ipecac in the first instance.

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