Travelers’ Health :: Launch of New Smartraveller Campaign in Australia

Australians travelling overseas are being urged to make their first stop the Smartraveller website to ensure they are prepared for their trip and return home safely, in a new national television and print promotional campaign.

In the last four years millions of Australian travellers have found the vital information about their destination on, accessing information about entry and exit requirements, local laws, health risks, where to get help, and security situations in more than 150 countries.

The site also provides travel tips and information on consular support.

Each month up to half a million Australians travel overseas and most trips are trouble-free and positive experiences. The Smartraveller campaign aims to provide Australians with information to ensure that their travel remains a safe and positive experience, by understanding and taking into account risks such as ill health, natural disasters, civil unrest, terrorist attack or even simple mishaps which can mar a holiday.

The four-year $13 million campaign launched today is aimed at all travellers, but has a particular focus on adventure travellers who are prepared to take greater risks. It asks Australians to take simple steps before they travel:

– check out the website before travelling for all the information about the countries you are visiting and sign-up to get free updates of the travel advice

– register your travel on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Smartraveller website either on-line or at an Australian embassy or high commission when you arrive so that consular officials, your family and friends back home will be able to contact you in an emergency

– take out travel insurance.

This new campaign will also see the Smartraveller website updated to make the information easier to access and to provide more information for people from non-English speaking backgrounds.

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