Torticollis :: Wry neck – neck pain – Caulophyllum

A married lady, aged 40, with wry neck (Torticollis – the patient complains of neck pain and is unable to turn his head, usually holding it twisted to one side, with some spasm of the neck muscles, with the chin pointing to the other side) of long standing, was seven months’ pregnant.

She was attacked with severe pains and swelling of all the finger joints.

The only way she could get relief from the intense pain so that she could rest or sleep at all was by enveloping her fingers in mustard.

I prescribed Caulophyllum 3d, which relieved the finger pains, but brought on such severe labor pains that I was obliged to discontinue it for fear of premature labor. Then the bearing – down pains ceased, and the finger pains returned and continued in full force until she was delivered of her child, when they also ceased for two or three days.

Then the lochia, instead of decreasing, gradually or normally, increased until it amounted to a metrorrhagia. The flow was of a passive nature, dark and liquid. There was great sense of weakness and internal trembling (not visible externally) and now, to crown her suffering, the terrible finger pains returned again.

I was afraid of the Caulophyllum, although it seemed indicated, because it brought on the bearing – down pains when I gave it before.

But after giving Arnica, Sabina, Secale and Sulphur, without the least improvement, I concluded to try Caulophyllum high. I did so in the 200th potency and cured the whole case promptly and permanently.

Now this was a perfect Caulophyllum case, and if I had given it properly in the first place I have no doubt I would have saved that woman all unnecessary suffering.

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