Terrorism :: America is not safer since 9/11

During the Democratic debate in New Hampshire last night, there was disagreement over whether or not America is safer since the 9/11 attacks on US.

Senator Obama believes and asserted in the debate that America is less safe since 9/11 largely because the war in Iraq has fueled terrorism around the world.

He opposed the war from the beginning and has a plan to end it, bringing all combat troops out of Iraq by March 31, 2008.

Recent studies by the U.S. State Department and the Council on Global Terrorism confirm that the war in Iraq has accelerated the spread of terrorism and increased the threat of attacks.

In a September 2006 report State of the Struggle: Report on the Battle Against Global Terrorism, the Council on Global Terrorism issued a report with the number 1 finding — “Five Year Assessment: As of Now, West is in a Worsening Position in Struggle Against Radical Islam.” The report issued a D+ for “Combating Islamic Extremist Terrorism,” saying, “there is every sign that radicalization in the Muslim world is spreading rather than shrinking.”

In a speech in San Antonio in April 2006, Gen. Michael Hayden (currently the CIA director) said: “New jihadist networks and cells, sometimes united by little more than their anti-Western agendas, are increasingly likely to emerge… If this trend continues, threats to the U.S. at home and abroad will become more diverse and that could lead to increasing attacks worldwide.”

According to the State Department’s “Country Reports on Terrorism” released on April 30, 2007 – there was a 29% increase in terrorism worldwide from 2005 to 2006(much of that gain took place in Iraq and Afghanistan). The new statistics record a rise in terrorist attacks on nonmilitary targets globally to 14,338 in 2006 from 11,153 in 2005, with an increase in deaths to 20,498 from 14,618.

According to a January 2007 CSIS report (cited in May/June Foreign Affairs), al Qaeda has trained up to 60,000 jihadists in Afghanistan.

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