Tendinitis :: Hand held device guidelines to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome

Points to remember practicing moderation when using hand-held electronics:

– Use a neutral grip when holding a hand-held device. Keep the wrist straight, not bent in either direction.

– Take a break every hour or switch to another activity. Overuse of repetitive motions, such as pressing buttons, can cause tendinitis or lead to carpal tunnel syndrome (tendon or nerve irritation).

– If possible, place pillows in your lap and rest your arms on the pillows. This keeps your head in a more upright position and decreases neck strain. The pillows also help support the arms so they don’t have to be held up in the air.

– Sit in an appropriate chair. This would be a chair that allows you to put your feet on the floor comfortably and provides good back support.

– Switch hands frequently. This allows one hand to rest and reduces fatigue.

– Frequently focus on a distant object (away from the screen) to help reduce eye fatigue.

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