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The common treatment for a sprain is the RICE method, where you Rest the injured part, Ice the area, apply Compression (such as a support bandage) and Elevate to reduce swelling. There are homeopathic remedies to lessen recovery time from an injury, but remember to go easy when you start training again.

Take the remedies in 30c strength three times a day until there is relief.

The first remedy you need is Arnica, which helps reduce inflammation and bruising, plus lessening the shock that comes with an injury. If there is no broken skin, also apply Arnica cream topically on the strain.

If the injury is in the bones, such as the delicate ankles or wrists, or perhaps in the knee joint, the homeopathic remedy that works best is Ruta. It is especially useful for flexor tendons, joints, ankles, wrists, fibrous tissue and cartilage. There can also be intense lassitude, despair and weakness with the injury. Persons needing Ruta will feel better for rest although the bed can start to feel hard.

The other remedy for strains is called Rhus-tox. In these cases, hot water provides relief and the hotter the better. If you have a sprain and you want to soak in the tub or put a hot water bottle on your foot, you need Rhus-tox. There is also extreme restlessness with Rhus-tox in that the patient is tossing and turning and cannot find a comfortable position. The injury will feel very stiff and painful, especially on first movement, but will loosen up with gentle activity and feel better for it.

To help prevent injuries to the bones and joints, strengthen yourself with Calc-phos tissue salts, in 6x strength. Put two tablets in a small bottle of water, shake and sip through the day.

Adrianna Holman BSc, LCH, RSHom

Adrianna Holman is a registered member of the Society of Homeopaths, RSHom. She practises from several clinics in London (W1, E14, SE1) in addition to providing online consultations from her website www.homeopath.moonfruit.com. Please phone 0207 407 8428 for more information or email homeopathA@hotmail.com

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