Smoking :: Smokers hooked on 5000 cigarettes a year in UK

The average British smoker is ‘hooked’ on more than 5000 cigarettes a year, says a hard-hitting government campaign due to air in the New Year.

The HOOK campaign adverts, which will launch on TV, outdoor billboards and online on 1 January, show smokers being violently seized by a fish-hook as they are dragged to their traditional smoking spots. The ads highlight how addictive cigarettes are and that although smokers often think their smoking is just a habit which they can control, the habit is actually controlling them.

The nicotine in cigarettes is a powerful and fast-acting drug which after entering a smoker’s bloodstream, affects their brain seven to 10 seconds later. It produces a nicotine ‘rush’ which many smokers interpret as pleasure, but in reality is simply the relief of satisfying a craving for nicotine.

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