Sinusitis :: Serena Williams and Vicks, DayQuil & NyQuil will help relieve your sinus symptoms

Tennis legend and Olympic gold medalist Serena Williams has a new doubles partner — she’s teamed up with Vicks DayQuil Sinus and NyQuil Sinus products to announce the launch of the “Vicks Sinus Send-Off” national sweepstakes and to relieve sinus suffering so consumers can get on with their day and get the sleep they need.

“As I train for the Summer Grand Slams French Open and Wimbledon, it’s so hard to play tennis, or do anything I enjoy, when I feel pressure, pain and congestion in my head,” says Serena Williams. “I can’t let my sinus problems slow me down — on and off the court. Vicks DayQuil Sinus and NyQuil Sinus products relieve my worst sinus symptoms so I can play hard during the day and sleep well at night.”

Tennis star Serena Williams never lets sinus problems keep her from getting back on top of the tennis world. With her recent victories at the Australian Open and Sony Ericsson Open, the “Queen of Tennis” has found a way to relieve her sinus symptoms and is coming back to reign as the best women’s tennis player in the world — plus she’s going to Wimbledon 2007 as the favorite to win! In addition to taking Vicks NyQuil Sinus and DayQuil Sinus, the following are some of Serena’s favorite tips(1) to help maintain healthy sinuses:

* Use a natural saline spray several times daily to keep the sinuses moist
* Don’t drink iced drinks, as they can aggravate sinus problems
* Get plenty of rest, key to being at your best
* When possible, exercise outdoors to increase your circulation and clear sinus passages
* Make sure you are getting enough moisture in your bedroom at night and remember to close the windows — problems occur when the sinuses dry out, use a humidifier if necessary
* Take plenty of hot showers and inhale steam into the sinus passages

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