Retinal Hemorrhage :: Lost sight – Strontia Carb

Mr. A.K. S., an employee of the Railways suddenly lost sight of his right eye. I saw the case after 18 months. In these months best of Allopathic treatment was done without any improvement. He lost his job also.

This case was referred to me by one of my friends. I proposed to undertake the treatment of this case on the condition that the patient visits me regularly for at least six months.

I undertook the treatment. The diagnosis of the doctors was Retinal Haemorrhage. There was a history of trauma to the left eye, although the trouble was in the right eye. I decided to prescribe Arnica 1000 one dose and repeated this after 7 days. In the next 14 days there was no improvement.

I had learnt the use of Strontia Carb for Chronic Sequelae of Haemorrhages from my teacher, Dr. B.K. Bose at Calcutta. So I decided to prescribe this drug. I prescribed Strontia Carb 200 1 dose every 7th day.

The patient reported improvement within 7 days. The improvement continued and now his right eye is 6/6 while he uses 11 glass for the left eye.

This patient was re-employed by the Railways.

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