Racism :: Jade admits Shilpa suffered racism

Jade Goody has admitted that fellow Celebrity Big Brother contestant Shilpa Shetty had been subjected to “bullying and racism” in the programme.

“Her behaviour towards the Bollywood star had been the biggest mistake of her life” she said she is concerned about her family receiving abuse from the public as a result of her behaviour. Jade, 25, said she needed psychological help and that she would only have herself to blame if it spelt the end of her career.

Racism is the belief that some races are inherently superior (physically, intellectually, or culturally) to others and therefore have a right to dominate them. In the United States, racism, particularly by whites against blacks, has created profound racial tension and conflict in virtually all aspects of American society. Until the breakthroughs achieved by the civil rights movement in the 1950s and 1960s, white domination over blacks was institutionalized and supported in all branches and levels of government, by denying blacks their civil rights and opportunities to participate in political, economic, and social communities.

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