Appendicitis :: Acute Appendicitis and Homoeopathy

Appendicitis is a common and urgent surgical illness with variable manifestations, generous overlap with other clinical syndromes, and significant morbidity, which increases with diagnostic delay. No single sign, symptom, or diagnostic test accurately makes the diagnosis of appendiceal inflammation in all cases. The surgeon’s goals are to evaluate a relatively small population of patients referred for suspected appendicitis and to minimize the negative appendectomy rate without increasing the incidence of perforation.

Alcoholism :: Homeopathy and Alcoholism

Alcoholism can fall into two separate categories: problem drinking and actual physical dependence on alcohol. Problem drinking is commonly emotional in its roots, whereby the alcoholic uses drink to avoid feeling. Alcohol dependence is where the person needs alcohol in order to function.

Liver Cancer :: Liver Cancer and Homoeopathy

The Liver: Digestive Function of the Liver, Circulatory Function of the Liver, Microscopic Structure of the Liver, Microscopic Structure of the Liver, How Liver Cancer Develops: Carcinogenesis: Initiation, Promotion, Growth of Cancer, How Cancer is Detected, Treatment of Liver Cancer.

Homeopathy :: Patients not seen but prescribed

I work in a charitable hospital where there are four different cabins of doctors serving Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homoeopathy and eyes specialization. It is a normal practice with patients to report personally for taking medicines in all these faculties but it is abnormal if some one comes with the request that he needs medicine for the patient at home.

Osteosarcoma :: A case of Osteosarcoma – Thyroidinum

A 14 years old girl of thin built, wheatish complexion and limping gait was brought to me by her parents for consultation. She had pain and swelling in right leg just below the knee joint since 2 1/2 years. The swelling was reddish and shiny (ANGRY APPEARANCE). With my poor knowledge of clinical medicine I asked them if it is a case of cancer? The parents replied that it had been diagnosed as a case of Osteosarcoma of Right upper Tibia. (So many times we see patients who try to test the clinical acumen of the Homoeopathic physicians by hiding the diagnosis till the very last moment!)

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