Pregnancy :: A Verified Rubric

Once, Dr. Jugal Kishore was telling one of his cases, emphasizing rare presentation of rubrics and remedies in Kent’s Repertory.

This case was of a lady who was unable to conceive. In this case, Dr. Jugal Kishore considered a peculiar dream of her “Dreams of snakes biting her”, and in Kent’s Repertory (Page 1243) – SLEEP; DREAMS; snakes; of being bitten by: Bov. (only one remedy is mentioned). This remedy Bovista was prescribed.

After a year or so Dr. Jugal Kishore received the news that the lady was blessed with a baby boy. Dr. Jugal Kishore gave the credit to the presence of this peculiar rubric in Kent’s Repertory.

This is true perceiving a peculiar, characteristic symptom in a case like this is an ART, and the surety with which Dr. Jugal Kishore prescribed this remedy and expected the result is a Dare. I strongly feel if we share our experiences openly, we definitely increase our knowledge.

Sigmund Freud gave explanation of this kind of dreams ” . . . most important symbols of the male organ (in dreams) is snakes . . . and being plagued with vermin, snakes (in dreams) is often a sign of pregnancy . . . “

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