Pregnancy :: Desired sex determination of proposed fetus prior to conception

This article is of more importance to those couples who are willing to have their own male baby. After trying many medicines, herbal products, different foodstuffs, yet they cannot get desired effects, then there is sure & accurate line of homoeopathic treatment to get desired sex of the proposed fetus.

This article is having base of fundamental & advanced research work as well as clinical application of required remedial administration performed on male patients of various levels of SEVERE OLIGOSPERMIA & AZOOSPERMIA. No doubt male patients having very few numbers of sperms, whether sluggish or dead sperms or patients without a single sperm will have normal level of sperm count i.e.100 to135 million of sperms/ml of semen & as a human being such patients should have right to become a father of their own son or daughter by consuming most accurate remedy & accurate doses decided on inferences of clinical & therapeutic research summaries.

The problem of severe oligospermia or azoospermia is very common amongst the persons having severe mental tension, improper diet habits causing deficient nutrition of their body organs as well as sexual organs, heavy & over drugging, excessive sexual coition ,excessive seminal emissions by masturbations leading to exhausted sexual organs & impotency, patients under sedative & tranquility treatments, severe anemia, convalescent periods of typhoid,malaria,tuberculosis,hydrocoele,orchitis,varicoceles,exposure to extremely hot weather, etc.

In order to diagnose the problem of severe oligospermia & azoospermia a routine examination of semen is sufficient from a pathologist. If the sperm count is less than 20 to 30 millions/ml of semen with lowered number of actively motile sperms below 40% is termed as oligospermia. In severe oligospermia the sperm count decreases below 2 to 5 millions of sperms/ml of semen, with very low number of actively motile sperms or all sluggish sperms or all dead sperms. If such condition is not treated properly or neglected then this condition turns in to a clinical stage of AZOOSPERMIA where, there is not a single sperm present in whole volume of semen of such diseased patients.

But there is no need to worry to such type of patients, because of availability of advanced treatment present for above mentioned diseases of oligospermia & azoospermia.

During research process I & my assistant i.e. my wife Dr. Mrs. Sunitii V. Gopalkar who is also a pure homoeopathic practitioner have noticed increment in actively motile sperm count within 48 hours of starting our advanced treatment in patients of severe oligospermia & azoospermia ranging from 40 millions to 60 millions of sperms/ml of semen in a period of 30 days. This is definitely curative approach treatment based on fundamental principles of homoeopathy & fundamental & advanced research performed on the basis of principles of Quantum Physics/Mechanics.

According to Dr. Hahnemann, the cure should be rapid, gentle, permanent & in shortest most time. The infinitesimal small quantity of medicine is nothing but the mere form of exited levels of photons of homoeopathic medicines. Two hundred & ten years back Dr. Hahnemann was the only known physician who did the pioneering research work on ultra low doses of medicines termed as infinitesimal doses of medicines. Today we have developed much more advanced & sophisticated medical treatments of astonishing results. This is only possible after a great efforts of time & will power.

According to peculiar treatment of peculiar remedy & its peculiar doses we have noticed & documented the sex of the neonates was definitely male in follow up cases of oligospermia & azoospermia. Hence we have started counseling & registration of such patients. Patients interested in enquiries regarding our research will be honored by us.

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Dr. Suniti V. Gopalkar
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