Pregnancy :: Caulophyllum in Pregnancy

I have a patient, recently confined of her first child. Years ago her mother was given Caulophyllum before this patient was born. Now the patient herself was put on Caulophyllum before the birth of her child.

During her confinement she was attended by an obstetrician of very wide experience.

She had a large child and it was her first pregnancy, labor had started, and she was examined.

The attending lady gynecologist said that everything was going well, but that many hours must elapse before anything could be done to help, and went off home.

She got into her own door as the telephone bell rang, asking her to return at once, and got back to the nursing home just in time to see the child born.

The mother was saved trouble, forceps delivery, hours of suffering, and prolonged labor with its increased danger for the child.

She had been taking small doses of Caulophyllum daily for a month before Coincidence, perhaps, but a coincidence one has come to expect.

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