Pneumonia :: How to prevent and treat pneumonia

HANNAH ASIEM, RN, MSN, nursing program director at BROWN MACKIE COLLEGE in South Bend, Ind., can discuss the causes of pneumonia, its health complications, and ways people can prevent developing this common yet serious winter ailment: “If a person does get pneumonia, which causes a frequent cough that yields thick sputum that could be greenish in color, they must see a doctor and they may be prescribed anti-infective agents, which will help kill the bacteria.

People with pneumonia are also encouraged to increase their intake of fluids, preferably water and non-caffeinated drinks, as caffeine will lead to constriction of their blood-carrying vessels and may complicate their respiratory condition. As a preventive measure, I advise regular exercise to improve blood flow and strengthen the cardiovascular system or the heart, which will improve respiratory function as well. Keep stress level to a minimum, as stress depresses the immune system and puts people at risk for all types of infections, and increase your vitamin C intake.”

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