Pleurisy :: Pain in the right side of chest and Abrotanum

Mrs. S.K. , aged 32 years had pain in the right side of chest. She has had pleurisy some years ago. Complete investigations were done at the A.I.I.M.S., New Delhi but no abnormality was detected.

She happened to be a school teacher and had to go to school early morning which required her to get up early and do the house-hold work.

She used to catch cold easily and had frequent sore throat for which Hepar Sulph 30 helped her very much.

Her chest pain was better by lying on right side.

Bryonia 200, later 1 M was prescribed.

It helped the patient very much but slight pain remained impending respiration.

For this Abrotanum 200 2 doses only were prescribed and the pain was completely relieved.

The basis of this prescription was a hint from Allen’s keynotes which records in the relationship of Abrotanum. “After Acon. and Bry, in pleurisy, when pressing sensation remains in affected side impending respiration.”

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