Peanut Butter :: Peter Pan Peanut Butter Recall Site by, a resource for everything legal, has launched a Peter Pan peanut butter site at in response to the recent recall of Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butter.

The peanut butter recall, which affects Great Value and Peter Pan jars that are labeled with the number ?2111?, was prompted by a nationwide outburst of salmonella that has affected patients in over 39 states. has responded with an up-to-the-moment website that will serve as a free legal resource to those concerned about peanut butter-related salmonella and food-borne illness.

The site, located at, is a complete ? and completely free ? clearinghouse of information about the peanut butter recall. Visitors can browse through original articles, press releases, news feeds, and a glossary. Informative articles and encyclopedia entries will educate readers about salmonella and its symptoms. A peanut butter recall blog will also be available for up-to-date news and views on the peanut butter recall and the nationwide salmonella outbreak that has prompted it. Provided as a public service to those interested in learning more about unsafe peanut butter and its health ramifications, will be updated with breaking news on the Peter Pan peanut butter recall as required.

The peanut butter recall site will stand aside LegalView?s other informative practice areas, which include unsafe drugs, traumatic brain injury, Composix Hernia Mesh Patch, and securities fraud. also provides links to legal resources in your state, legal blogs, a complete legal encyclopedia, and legal directory. And its free referral system can put you in touch with a competent lawyer in your area quickly and easily.

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