Pain :: Pain specialists investigate impact and treatment of landmine injury

In Iraq and other war-torn regions of the world, landmines cause widespread and devastating injury to combatants and civilians alike. The journal, Pain Medicine, has devoted a special issue to examining the social and physical impact of landmines and the treatment of pain caused by landmine injury.

“Landmines are one of the world”s most disabling and deadly public health hazards,” says journal editor-in-chief, Dr. Rollin Gallagher. “Injuries can be fatal or cause disfigurement, limb amputation, nerve injury and psychological trauma.” For this reason, Dr. Gallagher says that survivors, many of them innocent children, are often sentenced to a lifetime of suffering from the chronic physical and psychological pain that can result from the injury.

“Our distinguished panel, led by Professors Daniel Carr, Norman Harden and Robert Addison, the special issue”s Guest Editors, dedicated themselves to addressing all aspects of the problem of landmines, specifically focusing on pain and its management,” says Dr. Gallagher. “This issue highlights information on the prevalence of pain, and a perspective of the suffering of all victims that will aid efforts in the primary prevention of landmine injury.”

Articles in the Issue Include:

Landmines and Landmine Injuries: An Overview

Acute Injury Caused by Landmines

Neurophysiology of Pain from Landmine Injury

Diagnostic and Treatment Issues in Post-amputation Pain After Landmine Injury

Psychological and Cultural Influences on Pain and Recovery from Landmine Injury

Rehabilitation After Landmine Injury

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