Nutrition :: NDRI develops mango lassi for commercial sale

Easily perishable ‘Mango lassi’ will soon be available off the shelves with the National Dairy Research Institute, India (NDRI) developing a technology to extend the life of the beverage.

“The technology developed to manufacture mango lassi with extended shelf life has considerable potential to facilitate commercialisation,” Indian Council of Agricultural Research said in a release.

Karnal-based NDRI, an ICAR institution, has developed ingredients for the formulation of ‘mango lassi’. Scientists have also successfully extended the shelf life of the ‘mango lassi’ using bio-preservatives, an official said.

In India, lassi made out of curd, is a widely consumed fermented milk beverage. However, problems like short self life, post acidification, whey synergies hinder the market saleability of lassi.

Inclusion of mango pulp in lassi would not help in its value addition but also reduce the post harvest losses in mango.

“The shelf life of mango can be extended up to 50 days at refrigeration temperature using bacteriocin obtained from propionibacteria,” ICAR said.

Of late, there has been a merging of diary products and fruit beverage markets with introduction of ‘juiceuticals’, that include hybrid products like fruit-based cultured milk beverages.

Nutritive attributes of whey and mango are combined in this product to develop a delicious beverage. This provides a healthy blend of fruit, calcium and whey proteins.


Nutrition :: NDRI develops mango lassi for commercial sale
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  1. I manufacture yogurt and paneer. Our daily in put of milk is 5000 litres .We would like to convert the whey into lassi or any other long life product.Any suggestions?

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