Nursery admissions on hold in Delhi schools

Nursery admissions have been put on hold again in Delhi schools; this time by the Supreme Court, a week after the Delhi High Court gave the green signal.

The apex court on Friday put on hold nursery admissions in the Capital as it was dissatisfied with the controversial inter-state transfer points system.

Nursery admissions have been fraught with chaos for the past few years, but this time around, the process has dragged on the longest due to multiple hold-ups and confusion. Over the last month, the process has been stalled at least four times.

The Delhi High Court had ordered the resumption of the admissions on April 3.

A bench of Justices H L Dattu and SA Bobde halted the operation of the High Court’s interim order which had said that children who applied and were selected in a draw of lots for neighbourhood and other categories should be admitted.

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