Norovirus :: Norovirus suspected in Aurora cruise ship in Halifax

Canadian health officials prevent passengers of a cruise ship Aurora from disembarking in Halifax while they investigate the possible outbreak of the Norovirus.

Health Canada officials took tests of about 20 people suffering from acute gastroenteritis.

Norovirus is a genus of viruses of the family Caliciviridae. Recent scientific findings reveal that the genus causes around 50% of all gastroenteritis (stomach pain, diarrhea, and vomiting) around the world.

Meanwhile, most of Aurora’s 1,800 passengers were able to leave the vessel and said the ship’s crew members were effectively containing the virus.

Health Canada could not confirm whether the sick passengers were suffering from a norovirus until test results were complete. But the company that owns Aurora, P&O Cruises, issued a statement saying it was “strongly suspected” to be a norovirus, “which is highly contagious and typically transmitted from person to person.”

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