NHS :: New wave of community hospitals and services in UK

Health Minister Andy Burnham unveiled nearly ?50 million wave of new NHS community hospitals and super-surgeries. Six new health centres, two new community hospitals, and eight refurbished community hospitals will open in towns and cities across the country as part of a major drive to provide NHS patients with more minor operations, medical tests and follow-up care outside of large hospitals.

New community hospitals will be built in Hornsey and Bristol.

Outdated hospitals set to be transformed into modern community hospitals are Barking Hospital, Calderdale Royal Hospital, Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, Holme Valley Memorial Hospital, Laura Mitchell Health Centre in Halifax, Princess Royal Huddersfield, Felixstowe General Hospital and Royal South Hants Hospital.

New health centres in Todmorden and Brighouse in Yorkshire, Ashfield in Nottinghamshire, Hastings, Rotherham, and Teddington will house dozens of GPs, offer walk-in centres for patients with minor injuries and illnesses, and provide other additional services, such as maternity and diagnostic services.

The state-of-the-art facilities will offer a wide range of services, from surgery to stop-smoking services, to match the needs of local patients.

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