NHS :: ?52 million deal for NHS staff, UK

Health Secretary Alan Johnson today endorsed the offer of an improved pay package worth ?52 million which will see enhanced pay and training opportunities for NHS staff but which keeps this year’s pay increases in line with the Government’s public sector pay policy.

The proposed package includes an enhanced pay offer for staff at the lower end of the NHS pay scale, a ?38 contribution towards professional regulation fees and an additional sum for local staff training initiatives.

Lower paid staff in pay bands 1 & 2 will be guaranteed an increase in salary of ?400. Staff in pay bands 3 and 4 will get 2.5 per cent in salary plus an additional ?38. Staff in pay bands 5 to 8a will receive 2.5 per cent plus an additional contribution of ?38 towards professional fees. For all of these awards 1.5 per cent will be payable from 1 April 2007 and the remainder from 1 November 2007 in line with public sector pay policy.

The Department of Health will also make a one-off ring-fenced sum of ?14 million available for additional local training initiatives this year.

The package of measures also proposes talks to consider a multi-year pay deal for the future.

Welcoming the progress made by NHS employers and staff representatives Alan Johnson said:

“I have pledged to listen to front line NHS staff and work with them to provide a health service that meets everyone’s needs. This offer preserves the tough line on public sector pay which we have had to take this year but I believe that it will help low paid staff on the first rung of the career ladder, not only through improved pay, but also through help with training.

“Any potential multi-year deal would have to be good for staff and represent good value for money for patients and the taxpayer and be affordable for the NHS. It would also have to be non-inflationary and consistent with the Government’s current public sector pay policy.

“All public sector workers, apart from the military, have been subject to this difficult but essential policy. It is only by prudent management of the economy that we have been able to make unprecedented investment in the NHS including the recruitment of 80,000 new nurses since 1997.”

“We need to put our difficulties behind us and look to the future, not only for the benefit of staff but also for patients. It is now for the trade unions to consider this offer.


NHS :: ?52 million deal for NHS staff, UK
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