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Naturopathy :: Alternative medicine – Naturopathy – Introduction

Naturopathy is a way of life, harmonious with nature, to keep us healthy in daily life and a system of Healing Science (Medicine) using Nature’s agents, to cure us when diseased.

Human body is made-up of Panchmahabhootas (five Great Elements) namely, Akash (Space), Vayu (Air), Tejas (Sun), Aap (Water) and Prithvi (Earth). Good health can be maintained and diseases can be cured through the application of these primordial elements in their pure or manifested forms, like wet packs, fasting and enemas etc.

In Naturopathy, a holistic approach to health is adopted meaning that the body gets diseased and cured as one single unit and hence any applied cure must be for the body, mind and soul together.

One who follow Naturopathy as a way of life acquires an understanding of many diseases, body’s reaction to them and the methods within his own power to control them. One can be his own doctor at least in all non – emergency diseases.

The people become more conscious towards quality life style and maintenance of health by following the natural principles of Naturopathy. The real potential of Naturopathy lies in that a common man can adopt it as a way of life, learn its curing techniques easily and can manage his health or cure without necessarily going to a medical professional. For this, his knowledge in matters of health management must be widened.

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