Migraine :: Migraine Magic Massaging Eye Mask

Do you suffer from migraines, double vision, or dry eyes? Now you can manage sinus pressure, eye fatigue, headaches, and more with the uniquely engineered Migraine Magic eye massager.

Migraine Magic helps eliminate eyestrain, baggy eyes, swollen eyes, blood shot eyes, dry eyes, focusing difficulty, blurred vision, double vision and headaches caused by extended computer use, and long periods of driving, studying or reading.

Migraine Magic is a massaging eye mask that features poly magnetic feelers that stimulate and restore circulation around the eyes making you feel refreshed and revived.

Migraine Magic increases blood circulation to improve skin tone and elasticity and allows for restful nights by inducing a state of relaxation.

Simply position Migraine Magic around your head and attach velcro strap, adjust timer to 1 minute or 3 minutes, position massaging switch to low or high power, and wave good-bye to stress and migraines!


One size fits all
Requires 2 “AAA” batteries
Stress relieving eye massager
2 power levels
Improves circulation