Mental Health :: Indian President addresses the seminar on mentally ill women

Indian President, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam addressed at the seminar on ?Mentally Ill Women ? is Destitution the only Answer?? organised by the National Commission for Women to commemorate the International Women?s Day.

Removing Destitution is a Noble Mission

“Good hearts to care for silent minds”

?I consider that the Seminar on the topic “mentally ill women – is destitution the only answer?” as part of International Women Day Celebrations is an important societal focus. It is gratifying that the seminar proposes to highlight the dilemma and difficulties in the lives of mentally ill women who have been left to fend for themselves and evolve a plan of action for their care and welfare. This action has to be a coordinated endeavour between the government and non-governmental organizations. I would like to discuss on the topic ?removing destitution is a noble mission?.

While mental illness for women itself is severe enough not only for themselves but also for their families, it becomes critical if they are disowned by their families. They are left to take care of themselves without a shelter and become vulnerable members of the society.

A study conducted in Delhi with a population of 17 million is found to have nearly 2500 mentally ill women who have no home to live and they are virtually on the streets. If we extrapolate for the whole nation, the country will have nearly hundred and fifty thousand mentally ill destitute women who would need good hearts to take care of them.

I studied the statistics provided by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment about the number of mentally challenged persons in the country. In that I have found that among the mentally challenged of over 9 lakh females, nearly 2.80 lakh fall in the age group 10-29; and nearly 2.5 lakhs fall in the age group 30-50.

There is a need to carry out research why the people of this age group fall victims of mental illness. The findings should lead to prevention of such illness through appropriate societal remedial action.

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