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Lupus :: Bio-Tech Company Conquers Lupus

Berean Development, Inc has developed and is marketing a product that is knocking out a previously thought incurable disease that strikes mainly women – Systemic Lupus Erthematosus to name one of just a few.

What are the symptoms of lupus? Symptoms can range from mild to life-threatening Lupus is a widespread and chronic (lifelong) autoimmune disease that, for unknown reasons, causes the immune system to attack the body’s own tissue and organs, including the joints, kidneys, heart, lungs, brain, blood, or skin.

The immune system normally protects the body against viruses, bacteria, and other foreign materials. In an autoimmune disease like lupus, the immune system loses its ability to tell the difference between foreign substances and its own cells and tissue. The immune system then makes antibodies directed against “self.”

But most convincingly of all is the personal application of Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. P. Ahearn. She took is very seriously. She had Lupus herself. Before prescribing it to any of her patients, she looked at the science of how Mirac works. After thorough scrutiny she tried it herself. The next was history. “Mirac has put my SLE in remission, minimized my Fibromyalgia pain, and has continued to benefit sleep and energy.” “It sure does seem the majority of the patients of mine who use this have felt the benefits,” says Ahearn, “whether it’s those with lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, or even osteoarthritis”.

Dr. Ahearn cured her own Lupus with Mirac. She went off all her meds in 3-4 months and off the Mirac in one year. She now prescribes it to her patients frequently.

Based on the results of several nationwide telephone surveys, the Lupus Foundation of America estimates that approximately 1,500,000 Americans have a form of the disease. Despite the fact that lupus can affect men and women of all ages, lupus occurs 10 to 15 times more frequently among adult females than adult males. Lupus develops most often between ages 15 and 44. Lupus is two to three times more common among African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans.

Lupus is NOT infectious, rare, or cancerous or AIDS. Researchers do not know what causes lupus. While scientists believe there is a genetic predisposition to the disease, it is known that environmental factors also play a role in triggering the disease. Some of the factors that may trigger lupus include infections, antibiotics, ultraviolet light, extreme stress, certain drugs, and hormones. Hormonal factors may explain why lupus occurs more frequently in females than in males.

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