Live Cell Therapy :: Therapy with great promise

Live cell therapy is a unique and increasingly popular method of treatment for many conditions in which live whole cells or cell extracts are administered in their natural form.

Live cell therapy was developed in Switzerland by Dr. Niehans. Over 2400 years ago, Hippocrates had theorized that, for example, if you had liver problems, the answer would be found in the healthy liver of a young animal because the livers of both man and animals operate almost exactly the same way. His theory applied to all organs and glands of the body: heart, lung, thymus, adrenals, spleen, etc.

Over the centuries, doctors and scientists scoffed at Hippocrates’ theory. In the 1930s, Dr. Niehans reported success in curing a variety of illnesses with injections of live cell extracts from healthy animal organs mirroring the diseased organ in the human.

In the 1960’s, however, separate radioactive labelling studies at the University of Vienna and the University of Heidelberg, showed unquestionably, that the vital constituents of a calf’s gland or organ, when injected into a human, went directly to that same gland or organ. It appeared that the live cells offered unique biochemicals specifically needed by the diseased gland or organ which were unattainable elsewhere!

Dr. Niehans felt that the constituents of the gland or organ had to be extracted before the gland or organ began to deteriorate. He had his own cattle ranch next to his Clinique La Prairie in Switzerland, and butchered the calf the same day he planned to use its gland or organ. So, the gland or organ was still warm or “live” when he processed it. Unfortunately, extracting the important substances was excruciatingly slow. That’s why the costs to go to the Clinique were so high.

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