Learning Disabilities :: Charity calls for action over NHS neglect of people with learning disabilities

The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities welcomed the Government?s announcement to hold an independent inquiry into the deaths of six people with learning disabilities.

The announcement comes after the publication of the report, ?Death by indifference?, by the charity Mencap, which says the deaths occurred because of ?institutional discrimination?.

Dr. Andrew McCulloch, Chief Executive of the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities, said:

?We have recently learnt of the abuse experienced by people with learning disabilities in NHS settings in Cornwall and Sutton and Merton, so sadly Mencap?s findings come as no surprise. We know that neglect like this does exist in many parts of the country.

?The Department of Health?s decision to launch an inquiry into the standards of care for people with learning disabilities is a welcome one, but to what extent this will simply echo the Healthcare Commission?s current investigation and the Disability Rights Commission?s recent report is not clear. We need action to improve the care of people with learning disabilities, not continuous investigations.

?A particular priority is to improve the physical healthcare of people with learning disabilities by helping them to access good quality mainstream services.?

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