Intestinal Obstruction :: A case of intestinal obstruction – Acalypha Indica

Mrs. Kalawati, around 58 years old, was brought to me by her daughter on 18-01-05 in great distress with a severely distended abdomen. She had not passed stool since about a week and on asking also said that she had not passed any gas since few days though she had tried all sorts of churans for it. She had a constant feeling of rumbling in abdomen and had no appetite or thirst. If she were fed forcefully she would throw up. I suspected intestinal obstruction from the presentation.

This lady had come down from the village about a few weeks back to stay with her daughter. Her husband had passed away 2-3 years back but her children took good care of her. She was of average built with a very sharp and long nose and also had very glossy nails. Her past history revealed TB with hemoptysis 10-12 years back for which she had taken ATT (?). No other major illness in past but her husband had also died with TB.

She could not tell of any specific desire or aversion but said that she felt worse in morning. I could not manage to find any other significant point in this case.

Based on the few symptoms which were sure shot- Tubercular diathesis, morning aggravation and rumbling abdomen I prescribed to her Acalypha indica 30, 4 pills every hour and report the following day. I also explained that she should get her son in law along with her for if she is not better by then, I would send her to a near by hospital for surgical opinion.

She came much better the next day (19-1-05) and her daughter said that she had passed a lot of foul flatus after the very first dose and in evening she had passed little stool as well. She was continued on the same medicine although 2 hourly now and again had to report the next day. On the third day (20-1-05) she felt absolutely normal and said had passed a lot of stool and now felt hungry as well.

She was thereafter put on Placebo and came once or twice only. After that she went back to her village.

We have used Acalypha indica sometimes in cases of amoebic colitis, IBS, GERD or Dyspepsia with a strong Tubercular diathesis (sharp features, glossy nails, hairy back, depression just below glabella etc.) or past/ family history of tuberculosis (with h/o hemoptysis – a stronger indication).

There is also a lot of rumbling and sometimes you also find that patient goes for stool and passes nothing but some flatus and comes back.

The Acalypha indica patient also feels worst in the morning hours.

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