Insurance :: Medical indemnity insurance more affordable, more secure

Medical indemnity insurance has become more affordable according to a review of medical indemnity released today by the Commonwealth Government.

The review found the Government?s package of medical indemnity measures has helped curb the sharp rises in premiums doctors were experiencing before the package was introduced. At the same time, the package has been a key factor in stabilising the medical indemnity marketplace.

The review findings show that doctors can obtain affordable indemnity insurance cover. The medical indemnity insurance industry is now more stable and viable.

This is good news for participants. When doctors have confidence in their medical indemnity cover, it helps maintain the range and level of medical services.

The overall success of the package owes much to the collaborative approach taken by governments, the medical profession and the medical indemnity industry.

The review findings support continuing current medical indemnity arrangements and emphasise the importance of making sure that recent reforms are not wound back, particularly those in the area of tort law.

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