Influenza :: Child death not caused by influenza, Australia

The West Australian Department of Health has confirmed that a 2? – year-old Gosnells child who died on 18Jul did not have influenza A or meningococcal disease.

Director of Communicable Disease Control Dr Paul Van Buynder said initial autopsy results showed that the child died from a rapidly progressing bacterial infection.

?This death does not appear to be related to the deaths of three children earlier this month from a combination of influenza A and a bacterial infection,? he said.

?We have been unable to identify a single bacteria or strain in all four children.

?The death of any child is tragic and it is certainly unusual to see four deaths in this age group in such a short period.

?We have had a national disease control teleconference today to discuss the cases and this will be expanded tomorrow to include other experts.?

The alert issued by The Department of Health on July_6 remains the same.

Parents whose children have flu-like symptoms, including a cough and a fever, and are lethargic, should seek early medical attention.

Updated information has been sent to GPs and Emergency Departments. For more information phone HealthDirect on 1800 020 080 or 1800 022 222.


Influenza :: Child death not caused by influenza, Australia
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