Infant :: Abbott Introduces Expanded Line of Similac Infant Formulas to Help Moms Solve Their Babies’ Nutritional Needs

An Internet search on ‘baby feeding issues’ reveals more than a million hits, proving that new moms are actively looking for information on how to best manage their babies’ nutritional needs.

To better meet these needs, Abbott has launched an expanded, improved line of Similac? infant formulas. The latest additions to the Similac family include Similac Sensitive? and Similac Sensitive R.S.? ? both designed to address common feeding problems such as fussiness and gas ? and Similac? Go & Grow?, designed to help older babies get the nutrition they need as solid foods are introduced into their diets.

Similac Sensitive is made with a unique blend of carbohydrates that helps reduce fussiness and gas due to lactose sensitivity. Research shows almost half of all babies with feeding issues are switched to a tolerance formula, like Similac Sensitive, by three months of age.1 Similac Sensitive provides moms a new alternative to address these feeding challenges.

Similac Sensitive R.S., made with added rice starch, is a new formula specifically designed to help reduce the frequency of common spit-ups. According to the American College of Gastroenterology, almost all infants reflux or regurgitate a portion of their feeding at one time or another.2 Similac Sensitive R.S. has been clinically shown to reduce the frequency of spit-up by 54 percent.3

Another new formula from Abbott, Similac Go & Grow, is specially designed for the needs of growing babies, ages 9 to 24 months. Similac Go & Grow offers balanced nutrition for older babies as solid foods and milk are introduced into their diets. Similac Go & Grow provides at least 25 vitamins and minerals and more than 30 percent of the Daily Value of calcium, iron and vitamin C in just one 8-fluid-ounce sippy cup. Similac Go & Grow is available in both milk- and soy-based formulas, and will replace Similac? Advance? 2 and Isomil? Advance? 2 as the Similac solution for improved toddler nutrition.

“We realize that every baby has unique feeding needs, and what might fit well into one baby?s diet may not work for another,” said Scott White, divisional vice president and general manager of pediatric products, Abbott Nutrition. “We?ve expanded the umbrella of Similac products to help address babies? specific needs while supplying the nutritional benefits moms have come to expect from Similac.”

All three formulas include DHA and ARA, nutrients found in breast milk that support brain and eye development. These new products are now available in the baby/toddler aisle at most major retail locations.

Similac Sensitive

Similac Sensitive is specially formulated to be easy to digest and has the same trusted nutritional benefits as Similac Advance. Suggested retail price is $13.79 for 12.9-ounce Powder, $24.99 for 25.7-ounce Powder, $4.49 for 13-fluid-ounce Concentrate and $5.99 for 32-fluid-ounce Ready To Feed (RTF).

Similac Sensitive R.S.

SimilacSensitive R.S. is the only milk-based infant formula for spit-up reduction that is also lactose-free for gas and fussiness due to lactose sensitivity. This new product has been designed to help reduce the frequency of spit-up, and has the same trusted nutritional benefits as Similac? Advance?. Suggested retail price is $5.99 for 32-fluid-ounce RTF.

Similac Go & Grow

Similac Go & Grow, available in milk- and soy-based formulas, helps meet the nutritional needs of growing babies, ages 9?24 months. Suggested retail price is $10.99 for 12.9-ounce Powder and $19.99 for 24-ounce Powder.

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