Incontinence :: Aloe Vesta Protective Barrier Spray – Active Skin Protectant

ConvaTec, a world leader in ostomy and wound and skin care, has launched its new Aloe Vesta? Protective Barrier Spray featuring an innovative delivery system. Aloe Vesta Protective Barrier Spray is an occlusive barrier, which repels moisture and acts as an impediment to irritants in urine, feces and exudate.

This product is well suited for patients suffering from either chronic or transient incontinence with the risk of skin breakdown or showing signs of skin damage. A major advantage of Aloe Vesta Protective Barrier Spray is that it is applied by spraying the protective barrier directly on the skin, eliminating the need for health care givers to rub an ointment on at-risk or sensitive skin. This delivery method helps reduce the risk of further damage to skin already sensitive and potentially compromised.

Aloe Vesta Protective Barrier Spray is dispensed through a new state-of-the-art technology called a Bag-on-Valve delivery system. This technology is new to incontinence care. The Bag-on-Valve system separates the propellant and solution. Additionally, fluid is held in a collapsible bag, sealed within a pressurized can, which allows the health care provider to deliver the protective barrier spray from any angle with one hand.

When Aloe Vesta Protective Barrier Spray is applied the delivery solvent begins to evaporate almost immediately, leaving a thin, comfortable layer of the active ingredient, petrolatum, on the skin. While the concentration of petrolatum is 36 percent prior to delivery — this concentration increases as the solvent evaporates from the skin. The level of concentration of the active protectant can increase to up to 72 percent over time.1 In addition, there is no alcohol, preservative or fragrance, which also makes this product appropriate for sensitive skin. Aloe Vesta Protective Barrier Spray meets the requirements of the U.S. Skin Protectant Monograph and the U.S. Diaper Rash Monograph.

ConvaTec is the world leader in ostomy care and a leader in wound and skin care with a 25-year heritage of caring about patients. ConvaTec is a Bristol- Myers Squibb Company (NYSE: BMY). Bristol-Myers Squibb is a global pharmaceutical and related health care products company.

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