Erectile Dysfunction :: Cycling may cause Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the man’s inability to sustain an erection to execute sexual activity or intercourse. Erectile Dysfunction is not restricted to the old people but anyone can get affected from this health problem. The main factor affecting erectile dysfunction is the diminished flow of blood to the penis. When blood flow is not proper to the penis then erection does not occur and causes Erectile Dysfunction.

Homoeopathic approach in management of Diabetes Mellitus – 3

Of course the homoeopathic system of therapeutics has certain limitations in the treatment of this disease especially IDDM due to the nature of the disease but it is quite effective in the management of early NIDDM and limiting the complications due to Diabetes mellitus.

Aging, Old age – aspects, diseases and the remedies

Social aspect – Till few decades ago joint family system was in vogue in our country. Most of the younger generation used to adopt and continue the family profession. In the joint family system it was the tradition that the eldest person in the family used to be the head of the family and used to have the governance of the whole family in his control.

Infertility :: Role of Homeopathy in Male Infertility

Failure by a couple to conceive after one year of unprotected intercourse. Vital statistics has shown 40% of infertility cases having an abnormality of Male Factors…which is important in Spermatogenesis.

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