Immune Disorders :: Wiskott Aldrich syndrome Symptoms

Common signs and symptoms of Wiskott Aldrich syndrome – WAS usually appear soon after birth or within the first year of life:

Bleeding easily because of too few normal platelets. This may include tiny red spots under the skin (petechiae), bruises, blood in bowel movements, bleeding gums and nose bleeds.

Frequent infections because of too few B cells and T cells. Common infections are ear and sinus infections and pneumonia.

Eczema (an itchy rash) of the skin.

These symptoms occur in the classic, severe form of WAS. About one-third of boys with WAS have the classic form. Other boys have a milder form of WAS and do not have all these symptoms.

Over time, some boys with WAS may have autoimmune problems, which means the immune system fights against the boy’s own body. A common problem is anemia caused by the body destroying its own red blood cells. Older boys and adults with WAS also have a high risk of developing lymphoma, a type of cancer.

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