Homeopathy :: What we must not do in Homeopathy

We must not do the three greatest follies in prescribing: — Wrong selection of drugs; — Repetition; — Usage of high potencies

2) All above 3 follies cause the following
–Drug picture more complex
–They inject sufferings which cannot be mitigated
–They cause homeopathic failures putting patients beyond homeopathic help at all

3) We should not expect everything in drug picture, symptomatology and rubrics to be available in the patient. If that is true, the world will come to a stop. An outwardly healthy male without flushing of cheeks and without feeling of relaxation is exactly a Ferrum male if other symptoms like complaints coming during rest, irritability of mind, regurgitation of food without nausea are available perfectly fit. We should not expect all symptoms in our books?under Ferrum to be available in one stroke in him. It is impossible. Nature designs good resistance that only few symptoms are available to us for study and generalization. We should not remove this resistance by misapplication of drugs.

4) The greatest folly would be in feeling inferiority complex in using mother tinctures and tissue salts. I have been able to manage a terminal case of cancer patient with intense pain in hypochondria?already several nights of insomnia with Passiflora tincture. She was going into nice sleep every night for 3 to 4 hours until death.

5) We should keep using tinctures and tissue salts until a drug correspondence is genuinely established. Even after this, using high potencies is dangerous. The effects come very late and remain very very late in life which by all then, the physician’s contact with the patient is cut.

6) Let us prove Ayurvedic/ Siddha/Unani herbs, seeds etc in Homoeopathic form and use them in low strengths. Let us prove more flowers especially those used by our ancestors for medicinal purposes. Let us not prove dangerous elements like plutonium.

Dr. Vergeese

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