Homeopathy :: Number of researches on homoeopathy comes down

Research activities on homoeopathic treatment for HIV/AIDS and cancer have come down due to less spending, according to a prominent homoeopath.

“Less amount of money being spent on research and development in homoeopathy has impeded work being conducted on diseases like HIV/AIDS and cancer,” Mukesh Batra, Chairman and Managing Director of Dr Batra’s Positive Health Clinics Pvt Ltd (DBPHCPL), told PTI.

While five homoeopathic institutions in the country, including Regional Research Institute in Mumbai, are conducting researches on HIV-AIDS, only two institutions in India are doing it on terminal diseases like cancer, he said.

However, in countries like the US, Italy and Sri Lanka, extensive homoeopathic researches are being conducted with regard to cancer, Batra said.

DBPHCPL has nearly 50 patients suffering HIV/AIDS and cancer and “the response so far has been encouraging”, he claimed.

The firm will be increasing the number of clinics to 64 in the country from the present 54.

Apart from its overseas clinic in Mauritius established way back in 1995, DBPHCPL will be extending its reach to Abu Dhabi, Dubai and London, Batra added.


Homeopathy :: Number of researches on homoeopathy comes down
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