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Q: Last year I got food poisoning from a family picnic. What precautions can I take this summer? A: Food poisoning symptoms can be quite alarming and last for days, which can be particularly dangerous for children and the elderly.

If that wasn?t enough, many cases of food poisoning lead to chronic health disorders such as reactive arthritis and chronic immune deficiency, plus kidney and cardiovascular damage. Food ought to be stored in the fridge or cooler until just before serving. Basically, you have a four-hour window, in total, before food goes off. So if you make a chicken salad the night before a picnic, then transport it in the car, then serve it, leave it sitting out and then take the leftovers home, chances are you?ve run over your safe four hours.

The primary culprits are chicken, eggs, beef and pork. The most common type is a salmonella infection and is typically associated with eggs, so think of mayonnaise and salad creams. Make sure to cook your meat thoroughly and if you are defrosting, do it in the refrigerator, not on the kitchen counter. Wash your hands frequently when handling raw meat. Most people take a raw burger or chicken breast off the plate, put it on the barbeque, pick up the spatula, take a sip of a drink, and carry on cooking. You?ve now transferred possible bacteria to the handle of the spatula and on your glass. Be vigilant when cooking meat and eggs, as they have the greatest potential to go off.

Keep the remedy Arsenicum in a 30c strength in your home. It is excellent for the symptoms of food poisoning. Take one pill every fifteen minutes until symptoms lessen. Also have a bottle of charcoal tablets, which binds to the offending food and helps carry it from the body. Do not take charcoal with any medications or other supplements. Have garlic and ginger either fresh or in capsule form in the house. Garlic helps to kill bacteria whilst ginger reduces cramps and spasms and helps with nausea and vomiting. Make sure to drink masses of water to help flush out the system and if symptoms are really severe or last longer than a day, you best get to the hospital.

Adrianna Holman is a Registered Homeopath (RSHom). See her website www.homeopath.moonfruit.com

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