HIV :: Indian HIV positive man to return home from Dubai

An Indian HIV positive man is set to return home after being pardoned on humanitarian grounds by judicial authorities here from charges of assaulting a policeman.

Kanniapan Mohandoss (37), who was in hospital for the last one month with multiple fractures, can now be with his family in India as his friends have bought an air ticket and an airlines fitness form for him.

Mohandoss arrived in Dubai on January 26 on a visit visa. But within a week, he decided to go back.

While departing on February 2, he lost his passport at the Dubai International Airport. In desperation, he turned violent and attacked a policeman who tried to help him out.

Mohandoss was arrested for assault and secured bail on February 10.

He visited one of his friends on March 17 and in a bid to end his life, jumped from the second floor building and sustained serious injuries.

During his treatment, it was discovered that he was HIV-positive.

“If all goes well, Mohandoss would be departing for his homeland today,” the ‘Khaleej Times’ said.

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