HIV :: HIV-AIDS bill In India by this year

As the government continues deliberations with NGOs over the HIV/AIDS bill, the legislation aimed at preventing discrimination of those infected with the dreaded disease at workplace, education and healthcare sectors, has been delayed.

“The HIV/AIDS bill has been delayed because we are still carrying out discussions with more NGOs on the issue,” Indian Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss told PTI.

The minister had earlier announced that the bill will be introduced in the Budget session of the Parliament.

“We plan to bring it by this year,” he said.

The bill has been drafted by the Lawyers Collective HIV/AIDS unit in consultation with the government, people living with HIV, healthcare providers and NGOs.

It addresses the issue of discrimination in employment, healthcare, education and other places, besides informed consent for testing, treatment and research.

The bill also envisages to provide a safe working environment for healthcare workers.

It also proposes protection of inheritance and property rights and recognises community-based alternatives to institutionalisation for vulnerable and affected children.

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