Healthcare :: Quality Improvement in Healthcare Delivery

The WCfH recently hosted a visit from Sir John Oldham, Head of the Improvement Foundation, to discuss quality improvement in healthcare delivery.

The Improvement Foundation is an international not-for-profit company, incorporating the work of the National Primary Care Development Team (NPDT) which was originally established in February 2000 to run the National Primary Care Collaborative – currently the world?s largest improvement programme.

Sir John Oldham spoke to an audience of invited health professionals and policy-makers on the need to raise anxiety of the status quo whilst reducing anxiety of change as a radical approach to quality improvement. He went on to discuss how the aim of the Improvement Foundation is to spread known information, not create new facts and figures as increased knowledge does not always equate to positive behaviour change.

The Improvement Foundation?s ongoing aim is to develop a wide cohort of people – both professionals and community members – who have the knowledge and skills to apply quality improvement methods to their own local priorities. Areas of work covered by the Improvement Foundation include reducing falls, access to a healthy diet, leadership, mental health, commissioning and education.

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