Healthcare :: IWK Health Centre end strike

This evening, the IWK Health Centre was advised that the NSGEU Local 22 Bargaining Unit had voted in favour of Binding Mediation, effectively ending the current labour disruption at the Health Centre.

?We all breathed a huge sigh of relief,? said Anne McGuire. ?Though the strike only lasted one day, it was stressful and difficult, and impacted hundreds of patients and families who would normally have received services at the Health Centre today.?

McGuire looks forward to the workers, who spent Monday on the picket lines, returning to work as usual on Tuesday morning.

?It will take us a few days to get back to normal operations, since we have cancelled patients appointments and surgeries a couple of days out. We just ask for understanding by patients and families and assure them they will be contacted by an IWK representative very soon to rebook or readmit.?

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