Healthcare :: Convenient Care Association responds to AMA’s call to Convenient Care Clinics investigations

The following statement, ?If It?s Broken, Fix It,? attributed to Tine Hansen-Turton, Convenient Care Association Executive Director, is in response to the American Medical Association?s House of Delegates announcement on Monday that it will push for state and federal agencies to conduct investigations of Convenient Care Clinics for conflicts of interest.

?If It?s Broken, Fix It?

?Convenient care clinics have proliferated in retail settings throughout the country due to a widespread lack of access to high-quality, affordable health care in America. Convenient care clinics collectively boast a 98% patient satisfaction rate, which indicates that Americans have embraced this innovative and visionary model of health care. While the American Medical Association (AMA) convened its annual meeting this week to discuss ways to prevent patient access to convenient health care, the Convenient Care Association (CCA) held an annual retreat to promote accessible, affordable, price-transparent health care to all Americans.

?The core focus of the CCA?s annual retreat was to further establish best practices for the industry, ensure high-quality, patient-centered health care in all of our clinics, maintain high levels of patient satisfaction and safety, and encourage all patients to develop quality relationships with traditional health care providers.

?The CCA partners with all health care providers, including physicians, to create an integrated model of health care delivery in America. We are surprised that the AMA would take the position that it has, because so many physicians and other health care professionals have accepted this new model and see it as part of the solution to our broken health care system.

?The AMA and CCA should be working together on solutions to improve our health care system?s efficiency and effectiveness. America has embraced the services that CCA members are providing as part of the solution, and we invite the AMA to recognize the role clinics provide in offering access to affordable, high-quality, basic health care services to all individuals.? Tine Hansen-Turton is Executive Director of the Convenient Care Association, the non-profit organization for the Convenient Care Industry (CCI).

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