Health :: Learning lessons from Mexican health reforms – the Lancet

This week, The Lancet begins a six-part examination of the health reforms that have taken place in Mexico under the Presidency of Vicente Fox, and, specifically, Julio Frenk, his Minister of Health.

“We have never before commissioned such a detailed examination of one health system. And we have never before worked with one government, together with independent health-policy scientists, to host a conference (which was held in Mexico City on Oct 4?6, 2006) to present and critique analyses of those reforms” Richard Horton.

The purpose of this programme of work is to document in detail a country’s health-reform process to illustrate how evidence can be used to guide policy development, to generate public debate and support for radical reform, and, ultimately, to advance health outcomes.

“Over the next 6 weeks we will be looking at what has worked in Mexico?and what remains to be done. And we will attempt to draw global lessons from these experiences” Richard Horton.

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